WarGear.net would like to invite anyone and everyone here to some map making contests! WarGear is an online risk site that is free to sign-up, free to play, and free to create your own maps. There are map making competitions that run between January to June, July to December, and also a themed one for the full year; each have a cash prize. The 2014 theme is Historical Battles. You'll design and create not only the graphics but the gameplay as well.

Head to WarGear.net to create an account and get started! More information on the competition can be found on the WarGear Wiki. There is also a very active community and Board Design Forum that can help answer any additional questions you may have for creating a playable map.

Just a bit more about WarGear, there are a few members that follow the amazing work that you all do here on Cartographers' Guild and many of the board designers are always looking for ways to enhance both visual and gameplay of the Boards that are created on WarGear. So even if you can't make it into the competition, feel free to play a game on one of the 100s of Boards and leave a review or shoot the designer a message with any feedback you have!

Thanks and Happy Designing!