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Thread: I just joined this forum, who wants to see the map of the world I made?

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    Map I just joined this forum, who wants to see the map of the world I made?

    This forum seems great, and my first order of business is to show off my world:

    I made it by scribbling three or four blobs onto some paper. From there, I scanned it into my computer and traced what I drew with MS Paint or something. I then added more islands and started filling it in with color. After that, I threw in some lakes and rivers. After that was all done though, I had to go into GIMP and soften up the edges of the islands, with the blur tool... and VOILA!

    What do you think, I know it's not the best and it's missing quite a few elements, so feel free to criticize!

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    Hey hey, I like your simple art style! It actually fit's quite nice, although I'd say maybe get some more interesting land shapes in their (Circles are a good starting point, but as Holy Torstan once said, "If your line doesn’t look like it was plotted by a drunken ant, you’re doing it wrong.")

    Other than that I would say, work on height representation, that's something difficult for me to put into words, but just get some mountainous looking things in there (not including your volcanoes-at least I assume they're volcanoes-cause they look great!) and also remember that rivers flow from highest point to lowest point, not across continents.

    Other than that I wouldn't change too much, I think the simplicity of the map is one of its strong points.


    I should also say, from one new guy to the next, welcome to the forums!


    I almost forgot, you might wanna move this down to regional/world section if you still intend to work on it!
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    Welcome to the Guild Riathar! Well the first thing that struck me is that your rivers are doing some weird things. For starters, rivers don't generally flow from one shore to the other. They flow downhill from a watersheds and end up in the sea. At any rate, you can read more about this here. Another thing worth mentioning is that aside from color, there isn't much in the way of geographic detail; no hills trees etc. Might be nice to distinguish grasslands from forests. There are some great tutorials for creating maps in GIMP that might offer you some pointers here.


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    Yeah, after I read Scoopz's comment about rivers, I realized how stupid they look. I'll try to fix them up. When I put them in, it was just pretty random.

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