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    Behold, the Realm of Darkstorm, done as a 'commision' (read: Pro bono publico, Read: Completely and utterly free) for a friend in England who happens to have founded the fine gaming site upon which this will be used in. He says it's an ongoing fantasy game of some description, gave me a basic run down of geography and a few names and let me run wild with it. Apparently it's a pseudo medieval setting with sort of Romans in the west, gothic (He says, 40k Imperium gothic translated into fantasy) in the east, barbarians in the north (Barbarians seem to like being in the north in fantasy settings) I gave them a viking motif in naming places, as he didn't mention anything much about them) and 'some guys who're tradey' in the south. I sorta ran with that and stuff. I will admit to reusing some places from history (Though I changed things a bit, Lindisfarne to Lundefarme, etc) but hey, it's not a commercial thing, so it's all good, as it were. So far as I can tell, Players'll be dropped into the setting, Mount & Blade style and turned loose. Fun times. In any case, this is my first 'professional' map I've done. Feedback in all forms would be great.

    The only gripe I have thus far is that I accidentally wrote one of the places in a different color font than the rest, and it looks all out of place and important now. Oops.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks good, although I have to say its a bit hard to distinguish ocean from land easily, maybe if either the land or ocean was a bit darker?

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