The Kyzian Empire is located on the planet of Aardia. It's the setting for a low-magic D&D campaign. I'm still getting a feel for the tools and figuring out how I'm going to do the final maps--I'm working on Linux, and have done some stuff straight-up in Inkscape, some Gimp stuff, and some with maptool as well.

I'm not super happy with any of these, but they're a first cut at learning to use the tools and figuring out some different kinds of maps that I may want to use. Detail level is extremely low for that reason (I want to decide exactly what I'm doing before I drill down too deeply).

Rhumb-line navigational map of the sea from someone with a bit more global knowledge. This is stark black and white, but it's meant to be printed on an aged parchment to give it some texture:

Final effect when printed:

Parchment-style "hand-drawn" map of the continent (the maelstrom swirl needs to be less CGI and I need to work on mountain distribution some). Written from the perspective of someone with very limited world info who's from the Porthelm area, and a much cruder hand-drawn coastline; this one has the cloth/parchmenty background in the image, as it's meant to be shown on screen:

Satellite-style regional map of that (Porthelm) area:

Toy town map (of Cragshead) from maptool, but this is mostly just me learning how the tool works and will be completely reworked: