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    Question moderating posts

    Hi everyone,

    I know it is normal that posts by new users are more likely to automatically be referred to a moderator for approval. But so far every single one of my posts had or still has to be approved. Is that normal? Can i do anything about it?

    Sorry if I'm repeating every newbies question here… I searched for the topic and checked the FAQ but I couldn't really find much about this. Maybe a short paragraph about this could be added to the FAQ? I think that would be really helpful for newcomers like me.


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    Yes - our auto-moderation engine is a bit more aggressive for new members, using some mystical algorithm that no one really understands.

    Trust that moderated posts will get approved when a CL see's them - no one here work full time, after all

    Welcome aboard!

    -Rob A>

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    Oh okay, I didn't think it would be that aggressive! Thank you very much for clearing that up

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