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Thread: Beginner map making site

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    Default Beginner map making site

    Hi I want to try my hand at making maps what is an easy site to start I only know of gimp is there anything more beginner easy thanks rick

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    The first question you have to ask yourself: what kind of maps do you want to make? For you personally? For a game? A book? What style? Informative? Artistic?
    Only then can you start to look for the right tools.

    For starters, I can only point you to the tutorial section of this great forum. Look around, try a few things and ask if you get stuck.

    But the most "beginner easy" way to start mapping is the real old-school version: take out a pen and paper and start doodling!

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    This is probably one of the best if not the best resource you'll find for Fantasy Cartography, which I assume you will be doing.
    Also, I second what Freodin said, that's most important.

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