Okay, so, having checked to make sure it was *technically* allowed... I'm going to incorporate a version of Goat Island into my fantasy world.

Niagra falls gets a lot of press, but that whole area is just lovely, and I think it would be more lovely without all the people


My personal irritant is that people tend to think of water as being *seperate* from land... and it is... but not entirely.

So I'm starting with this guideline/tracery which shows it's *all* land.

This is a *really* rough outline of the CLIFFS that would make up the surrounding river and falls, if all the water was somehow cut off:

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And this shows those areas of the cliffs that are covered by some amount of water:

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So... that's where I'm starting from.

I'll probably fail badly at this, but I figured I should at least try a real wip