I'm moving the discussion here because I feel it was eclipsed by the other subjects
So far, it seems many people associate magic with the middle ages but it doesn't have to be that way. Other genre like steampunk and post apocalyptic are generic genre that can fit different era.

The question is: what is the general level of technology in the world and what are the different level of technological advancement if any ? (I expect that some places will be more advanced that other.)
Is there any differences with our world at the same era regarding the technology (ex: end of middle ages with no gunpowder, with flying boats, with no compass) ?

Level of technology:
nomad/hunter gatherer
prehistoric (with agriculture and animal husbandry but without writing)
antique/classical (after the discovery of writing), …
middle age

or these for reference:

Tech Level Comparison Chart - Traveller
Technology level - Traveller
Tech Level - GURPS Wiki

It would be a good idea to make you suggestions by putting the century and the region (in the real world) matching the level of technology.