Well as you can guess from the title this is the Mist Continent from FF9, which is the area you explore for all of CD1 and some of CD2. This game is one of my favourite games, so when deciding on the first map I was going to try and draw I thought lets go with this, how long will it take. Well a month and a half later, and I'm done.

Due to it being a map of a game world, I went with larger icons as if I didn't there wouldn't of been much in it apart from a lot of mountains. The labeling for the map, I decided to try and emulate the map that you see for about 20 seconds while riding the cable car in South Gate.

Well I wasn't going to do more of the continents, then I remembered that on one of them there is a Whale Zombie. How many times do you get to draw a Whale Zombie, so I will be drawing all the continents at some point.

This is done in Photoshop.

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