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Thread: Map of Medieval Roleplay World

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    Default Map of Medieval Roleplay World

    The world does not yet have a name, its an image from a game map I am working on and I would love a Cartography map of it.

    To explain each region of the map, starting in the right towards the south is the swamp, Above it is a Dark roofed forest with very little light. The dark red above that on the right is a Redwood type forest with very all trees and then just above that is a savanah/grasslandish area. On the mainland the purple is somewhat similar to Mirkwood forest in lord of the rings surrounded by rolling plains, the sandy color is desert and towards the top right is mountains within a normal forest. The top left corner is mountains, another mirkwood type forest and some plains, below that is badlands made up of mostly gravel and dead bush. The volcano is just to the very left below the badlands and the yellow/green is a rainforest type place. The Grayish green on the left towards the south is a pine forest, to the left of that is a frozen pine forest and the final island towards the very south corner on the left is somewhat frozen plains with minor trees here and there. All other islands are just normal islands with a few trees here and there.

    Thats about all the detail I can go into with each area of the map, everything blue as you can assume is ocean and river and lake. If anyone cares to try their hand at this it would be great. Thanks! ^_^

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    I'm still looking for anyone willing to try and make a cartography map of this map. please feel free to post below if you're interested

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