I really just need to clarify, because there are some things where this is totally not okay, and I'm paranoid, so I want to make sure I understand everything precisely, so I don't get in trouble (here or elsewhere...)

Here's what I *THINK* I'm understanding.

These Creative Commons textures, brushes and mapping elements, basically, are premade photos/artwork, that anyone can take, and use, (as is OR edited) to their heart's content... as long as it isn't for commercial purposes.

Like for practicing your map skills, or having game sessions, or.. whatever.. as long as it's not for money.

Use of one's own mapping elements (textures/brushes/etc) is at his/her own discretion.

SO... if I'm right...

1) On the forums, or just for my own reference, I can make as many maps as I want with stuff that's already out here (giving credit to those who made it, if liberally done).


2) If I make my own mapping elements or textures or brushes or whatever, I can use them on any and every map I ever make, in different ways, to make different places, even if I later sell the maps or use them in a commercial product.


3) This is all a generally accepted practice in the mapping community.

Have I MISSED something? Is this right? I mean, could I just paint a bunch of realistic looking mountains/trees/roofs/whatever, turn it into a brush (by the same process as the mountains in this tutorial) and then I could just use those trees/mountains on every map I ever make (okay maybe several brushes, in different styles) and never have to draw another tree or mountain or roof (for mapping purposes) for the rest of my life?

And I could make land/sea/sky textures the same way?

Or am I totally confused?