Hello! My name is Jóshua, and I am building a RPG game. I am not a complete noob in design matters, but I'm not a pro neither, so I ask your help. In first place, the game is already being desenvolved, so I'll post some Screenshots in the end of the post, for the interested ones. Secondly:

- I made this map, it is a kind of sketch I've got, but it got small and not good looking:

Click image for larger version. 

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- If you have a better look, the map is exactly like the Earth, but inverted (vertically) and I cut of Oceania, America and part of Africa. In the game, I would draw a greater number of maps because the player would pratically discover all the world, but it is not necessary. An world map in the sketch style and inverted would be perfect enough.

- The scale should be done to fit the map in 544x416 px.

- The style I am looking for is a mix of these two maps:

Map by namiociarz on deviantART
Valcia - Regional Fantasy Map by Authsauce on deviantART

- The first one is exactly what I am looking for, except that I am looking for an world map. The second link shows a map with more details and different colors. The details and the colors are not too relevant, so if someone accepts this, do the way you think it's easier.

Quality & Size:
- Semi-professional;
- Required for the web;
- The dimensions are not relevant, they just have got to be proportional to 17x13 (544x416px);
- The mapper can choose.

Time Constraints:
- I need it until 03/01/2014 (March 1st)

- The game will be freely distributed, so the map will go with it, without copyrights. I can easily give credits, but can't pay.

Contact Details:
- My email is: joshua.sardinha@gmail.com
- This is my first and probably only post, so I can't receive PM's. Email me, please!

Game Screenshots:
- Please notice that not everything is already in the final stage, and somethings are in portuguese.


Thank you very much for the attention! I don't want a perfect map, I'm just looking for something more sophisticated than what I can do by myself. See ya!