or... sort of.

I found this tutorial on tectonics, read it all, decided it was more complicated than the tutorial stated, used the tutorial as the basis for drawing my plates, and now I'm going to peck away at it till I have a planet

I figure, I'm getting nowhere with anything else I'm trying to do, and I NEED a map for my novel, or I'm never going to write it. Plus I get bored if I'm only working on one map, so I need another area to turn to



I drew these plates, and (from other posts in the tutorial thread and elsewhere) I know they move a little less firmly than the arrows show, so I've copied them down on paper, cut them apart, and am moving them by hand (fun) to see where they might end up.

I'm probably going to have to take lots of other pics of the movements to watch my landmasses change/grow/disappear, so I figured, "Why not post it on CG so that people can tell me when I screw up?" and then I said "What a great idea, Jalyha! Who cares what the experts say, you ARE a genius."

And then I spent about an hour chatting with me, and complimenting ourselves back and forth, and then tried to draw a big pangea-continent and it didn't work, so I came here to post!

(Aren't you glad I did?)

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