Hey all!
I thought I'd pop a post up on these forums to introduce myself. Basically, My Name is David, but I go by the handle Pandemonium. At the moment, my hobby is making games, and I make them under the name of the studio 'Pandemonium Softworks'. It was this hobby that led me to this forum, as for a game I'm currently making, I need to make a world map, but I realised I don't know the slightest thing about cartography. Due to this, I thought I'd have a peruse of these forums and see what I can pick up!

Looking forwards to meeting some great people, and seeing some awesome maps!

As an afterthought, maps (especially older maps) have always been a fascination to me. I'm not sure what it is about a map that I find so mesmerising, maybe it's their ability to capture entire ecosystems, cities, lives, etc, on a piece of paper. It could be their ability to both baffle and guide people. That aside, their interesting from any point of view.