Since my WIP is not ready to be updated I decided to share some work from last year, a couple of models exploring what I like to call: The Hoarse Whisperer's Methods for the Development of Building Envelopes in Sketchup - THWMFTDOBEIS (pronounced Thoommft! Da Bass!). I call it that because I first saw the process behind this method in THW's Birdseye thread a while ago.

There were a few projects I was working on where modular facade elements might come in handy, but the one I will show here started as a small tower.
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The tower existed in a fantasy world, and I hoped to house quite a few different magicians in this tower (think of something on the scale of the White Tower from The Wheel of Time by Jordan/Sanderson). The problem was that my first iterations were not even close to being able to accomodate the housing/schooling/administrate/etc. needs of all my magicians. So I needed to increase the scale, and although I could already see potential in THWMFTDOBEIS, I felt I needed to stop the tower and explore the method a little bit.
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