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    Default Atlas Elyden

    Hi all! One of the reasons I haven't been so active on the forum is my worldbuilding, part of which is the so-called 'Encyclopedia Elyden' which I tend to bring up in all of my threads! It exists in 2 worlds -

    1) the real version that exists in my computer started out as nothing more than notes to help me in my own writing and world building, to help me locate places, items and other things I'd otherwise forget, though as my worldbuilding increased in scope it grew steadily larger, changing from simple bullet points to a target and something to aim for in its own right. Almost 10-years down the line I have over 600,000 words of text in the thing (over half of which are in the itemised encyclopedia entries - think an early edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica)

    2) it exists as an in-world book that summarises the worldly knowledge of a particular nation and one thing I'm aiming for in my version is to one day create a hand-made version of this book for myself, though I don't see that happening until many many years down the line, if at all, as I'm constantly adding to it.

    The in-world book is divided into 3 volumes: the encyclopedia, the world histories and mytholgies and religions, and the atlas.

    We're mostly concerned with the third volume here. After much fretting about I've finally started work on this. After my uncompleted political map of Korachan I've settled on a style I'm happy with and will now set about mapping every known nation, realm and major land formation in the world. A monumental task, that, if completed, will leave me with a many-hundred-page-long document.

    Each page is A3 in size and will incorporate a map on one side and various geographical, political, religious, etc information pertaining to the region on the reverse. The images are, so far, being created as individual pieces, though can easily be bound together if the thing ever gets done.

    This is my work so far - mostly foundations for more detailed stuff to come later on. I've largely busied myself making a template I can quickly adapt for new maps, though sadly the creation of the neatlines and graticules are beyond my ability to automate and really take a lot of time to get done, even after running my equirectangluar world map through G. Projector. Hopefully this is the start of something far larger that won't peter out after a few months

    Also, anyone familiar with my Holy Empire of Korachan map might be able to place these maps within that one. Keep in mind that these were made with far more precision than the older map and take precedence in the event of any changes

    C&C welcome!

    note: some of the titlebars and cartouches are still temporary, leftovers from the base template and some text does not yet make sense. also, the grid along the neatline on the Shibboleth map should be changed - from 2 to 5. per graticule grid

    * more maps on post #14, #24, #29, #61, #67 and #70
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