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    Question Questions about an RPG map

    So, first post here, hopefully I've got this in the right place. I'm not a map-maker (no artistic talent whatsoever), nor am I an expert on geography or climate. But I do love a good map, so I appreciate that this forum exists.

    I've heard many, many times that the map for the RPG game Legend of the Five Rings doesn't make any sense. I'm curious what the problems are and how to go about resolving them. I'm interested in why specific geographic features should or should not exist, as well as what weather patterns would be expected for this kind of terrain and of course any suggestions on how to tweak it.

    I've attached the 3rd edition map. According to the fluff, the far southeast islands are supposed to be tropical, the far north deciduous, and off the map to the west/northwest is supposed to be desert.

    Edit: Map removed.
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