I discovered Dungeon Crafter (1.4.1) years ago, and I still really like it, because it's simple. There's only one thing I miss - a good tileset with wood-texture. When I first worked with DC, there were many active users and sites with tiles and tilesets. I downloaded many of them, but the only set with a satisfying amount of tiles is the original "Abandoned Cathedral" (AC) set. A few days ago I reactivated DC to craft some maps for my new RPG round. AC is nice, but for normal houses in a fantasy world, I'd like to use a wood-set. I ripped google apart to find DC-tiles, but most sites or downloads were simply gone.

The few remaining resources I could find are these:

Dungeon Crafter Tiles from Cankersore
Games > Roleplaying > World Building > Map Making > Tools > Dungeon Crafter (some links are down)
Wingnut's Custom DC Pages
Dungeon Crafter (most downloads of this small webring are down)

I grabbed all tiles I could get, even maps to extract single tiles from them. But many tiles are lost, due to broken download-links.

On the wingnut site I found out, that there is a set of wood-tiles by "Chris Labonville". I could grab some other tiles customized to fit this set, but not many. Especially the basic tiles are missing.

If there's anybody out there, who has tiles or sets (especially the mentioned wood set) - here's the place to answer my request!

I know, that DC is quite outdated, but I like it, just as I like oldschool games like EOB or Bard's Tale. Maybe there's someone, who has got all the tile-downloads from Tyger, or the above mentioned Chris Labonville, or at least the (transparent) object-files. With those the sets could somehow be reconstructed. I think, it would be great to put them all back online. It might be impossible to credit every creator, but I guess, I'm not the only one who likes to have the old DC with as many tiles as possible.