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Thread: Exporting from CC3.

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    Help Exporting from CC3.

    Hi everybody, I'm brand new to the map making world. I had a quick question on exporting a map from cc3 to something easier to view. I have a map that's 300x500 that I've gotten pretty detailed with and would love to post but all the "save as" I've done has just showed up all grainy when you try to zoom. How can I convert that to something I could post easier and that I could go get printed out on a poster? I want to hang it on my wall and use as a reference for a story I'm writing. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. I look forward to being able to post it and get some feedback.

    Mr. Finz

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    In the "Save As" dialog, click the options button. You can specify a new resolution there. Be aware, though, that increasing the resolution may dramatically increase the time it takes to render the image. I exported a poster print once a few years ago, and it took seven hours to process. Granted, that was on an old computer, but even so, it took a lot of discipline not to assume that the program had locked up!
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    Thanks Midgarsormr, I dug around in the help section of cc3 until I found the answer. (probably shoulda exhausted that part first) Yeah mine took 45 minutes. Definitely going to get a poster of it made. First big art project I've done in a while.

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    No problem. You may wish to participate over in the Profantasy forums, too. They're usually more reliable and swift to answer technical questions related to CC3.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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