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Thread: Robin Crossby died today

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    Post Robin Crossby died today

    I know it's not cartography related but a monster of RPG has died today. Robin Crossby was the creator of the Harnmaster roleplaying game and the creator of the Harn World. I think it was the maps that were made for this world that sparked my own love of mapping. The level of detail and the love that went into creating this world was never achieved by any other world.

    It is a sad day indeed to lose this genius at world creating.

    Thanks for your legacy Mr. Crossby.

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    Post I recognized the name right away.

    Robin Crossby, I recognized the name right away. I bought loads of Harn books while up in Alaska in '84. Although I already had a love for maps, I did appreciate the level of work that went into their products.

    Condolances to his family - its a sad day, indeed.

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    A sad day indeed.
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