I just found this site today and made an account, I've always thought maps were pretty cool, and secretly have always wanted to have an archaic occupation, such as cartographer or blacksmith. Alas, no one does these things anymore. I would know, as a BIM Drafter by trade, I draw houses on a computer all day, but I sort of wish it was still done by hand.
A few months ago I started the rather mega project of carving a map of Westeros (A Song of Ice and Fire) out of wood. It measures about 28x56", and is basically my coffee table. This site seemed like the perfect place of people who could appreciate such commitment. I've already seen some cool things and have learned a lot and would like to know more about making maps by hand, sort of like tapestries, or wood carvings. Art pieces, y'know?

Few things about me, I have a degree in computer graphics, with a construction focus, and metal music is the best!