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    Default Game Map of Europe

    I am looking for someone to make me a map of Europe. As the map will be used as a texture in a game I am making there are several technical requirements that must be met.

    The map will be made up of 36 provinces, each with a name and border.
    I would like the style of border to be similar to this: (picture taken from Medieval Total War)

    Note that there is a small gap between the border of each province. In this project, I would like that gap to be slightly larger. Also, as there are fewer but larger provinces, the lines themselves should be thicker (this will be the only indication of who owns which province, so it needs to be very obvious).

    I will be replacing the borders with the owner's colour in code, so two things are very important:
    1. All borders must be exactly the same colour.
    2. Whatever colour the borders use must not appear anywhere else on the image

    It doesn't matter what the colour is. Black or white is convenient, but if those colours are needed elsewhere it can be anything, I just need to know the RGB value.

    The second requirement is that the name of each province must appear entirely within the borders of that province, and there must be no text on the map other than the 36 province names.

    The third requirement is that there should be a relatively empty area in each province, preferably located near the name, where I can put the units etc. that are occupying the province. The size of the empty area should be about the same size as the smallest provinces (in other words, as large as possible while still being reasonably uniform).

    The exact aspect ratio is up to you, but the map should be at least 3000px wide.

    Here is a quick sketch of the map showing names and borders:
    Note that the colours on the example map I provided are only there to help show the province boundaries, I don't want that look on the finished map.

    The borders are extremely rough, and can be moved a lot to accomodate terrain or just aesthetics at your discretion.

    The islands that are not part of any province (such as Crete, Sardinia, etc.) should still appear on the map but, as obviously as possible, not be part of any province. Also, it must be clear that certain provinces are joined by water crossing (this can be done simply with a two-way arrow or similar). These provinces are:
    35 and 36
    36 and 13
    3 and 4
    29 and 27

    Stylistically, I would like quite a sparse, simple, boardgamey map really just showing mountains, major rivers and forests in a style akin to:
    arcosian_pen2a.jpg (image)
    or the MTW image I linked above.

    With regards to copyright, I am happy for the artist to retain it on the understanding that I will have unrestricted use of it. In addition, as this game will be open-source, any person with access to the game will also have unrestricted use of the map. If this is not suitable, please message me anyway and we may be able to work something out.

    You can contact me at:

    Please don't hesitate to post any questions here, or email them to me. Price is negotiable, and examples of your previous work would be much appreciated if you choose to contact me.


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    This commission has been taken, thanks to everybody who contacted me.

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