Hey everyone! This will be my first attempt at running one of the Challenges, I don't know what I'm doing so be patient.

This challenge was suggested by Jalyha, and it sounds very interesting. Your mission is to create a map that is based on a fairytale or children's storybook. It could be a map of Pocahontas' village, Treasure Island or Wendy's house. The theme and type of map is entirely up to you, but each entry MUST be based on a Fairytale or children's book.

Now, a word of CAUTION. This is a theme that could easily cross the copyright line. Your map MUST BE ORIGINAL. You cannot make a map based on a map or image from a book or even worse a movie. Even if you drew it from scratch, if you used their image as a basis for yours you have crossed the line. You can use a written or verbal description as the basis of your map, but not an image. To be safe, pick a topic where there is no map or picture already out there, or make yours so different that there is no resemblance at all. The whole point of this is to be ORIGINAL and CREATIVE isn't it.
I do not want to be the copyright police so please choose wisely. ( And to be safe, I would stay away from Disney stuff altogether, I hear they get nasty. )

Please do remember to title each thread: February/March 2014 Lite Challenge: < your title here >

Also remember to preface each image you want to show up in the thumbnail scraper with: ### Latest WIP ### (If you don't, your map won't show up for the voters at voting time, which might hurt your chances. )

The challenge will end on or about the 14th of March, after which we'll have four days of voting. The winner of this month's challenge will receive, appropriately enough, a circular silver compass, demonstrating his or her all-around coolness.