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Thread: Celanta, Region 1: Dernallion

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    Wip Celanta, Region 1: Dernallion

    Working on my first regional map for my Celanta continent map (also Temporal Comet Strike world thread). This is the western part of Celanta's southern hemisphere. Three nations that rule the south: Dernallion, Kells and Drammer. This map features Dernallion and Kells. Drammer will be featured in the next map (a Saxon Viking culture).

    The Duchy of Dernallion is the southern hemisphere's wealthiest and most powerful state. It is feudal sovereignty with imperialist ideas of governing all regions south of the Rift. Think of them as Norman English/French with a Duke on the throne, supported by four earldoms and a marshallate at Dunkeld. Each village is ruled by a manorial knight supported by peasants. Manorial economics provide the basis for their agrarian culture.

    The City of Dernallion, the capital, has a population of 14,780 (75% Dernish, 15% Kellsh, 5% Drammerish, 5% other). It is an island city with a busy ferry system transporting goods and people across the Dern river, about 70 miles from its mouth. The royal castle sits on the north western tip of the island.

    The Church of St. Ambrathas has a strong presence with an Archbishop in Berkham. Like the Normans, the Dernish are castle and cathedral builders. The Cathedral of Holy Might in Berkham is perhaps the most impressive structure in Celanta's southern hemisphere, even moreso than Castle Dernallion.

    The Dernish are a martial-faithful culture with professional armies, orders of knights and paladins with a strong respect for the law and feelings of superiority over their neighbors.

    Although the Earldom of Rookspire suggests solid membership, it is very much just a marshallate, as the unruly, indigenous population are Kellsh who settled here centuries before from the Island of Kells across the Raida Channel. Revolts are common.

    Niene to the east is considered the capital of the Kellsh, by many. Dunkeld, the old capital, once a Kellsh village fort and power center is now controlled by the Marshall of Dunkeld, nephew to the Duke of Dernallion as a Dernish March across the sea. Think of Dunkeld as Belfast.

    Marseine to the far south was once an independant principality, but through marraige has been absorbed as a semi-autonomous earldom. It is a rich seaport whose surrounding vinyards make the second wealthiest possession of Dernallion, despite its size, compared to other Earldoms.

    The Kellsh, as the name suggests are Celts or Welsh and live in a culture of sorcery-druidism with strong connections to Fey powers. Independant clans whose clanheads are each petty kings maintain bands of barbarian warrior troops. The Kellsh believe in never building towns or cities are they are unnatural sites, unwalled villages up to 1000 people is all that is allowed.

    I've only just begun to map the Island Kingdom of Kells.

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    Great start, and wonderful background information - I wish my writing skills were even half that good.

    Have some rep...
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