I got this idea from a client I'm working with. I'm making a city map for him, and it has some locations that needed to be shown in bigger scale than the rest to fit all the detail he wanted. When I showed the sketch, he commented that the map was like a political statement because of these size differences, and I thought "Yes, all maps can be seen as political statements, all maps choose what to show and what to hide." Actually, I thought it in Swedish, but anyway… A map can be more or less of a political statement, and it can be intentional or unintentional, and… I thought it could be a fun challenge to make a map as politically stating as possible?

A city map with a palace as big as the slums, a regional map distorted to show the own country much bigger than the surrounding ones, a world map with the country names replaced with what they should be in the opinion of the cartographer… Of course it'd be hard/impossible to tell what the statement is in such a map, if it shows a fictional world, so maybe it'd have do be a double map challenge again – one map as accurate as possible, one as biased as possible.