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    Wip Nautical Chart inspired New World

    So a few weeks ago I got really dissatisfied with the old layout of my world. It has basically existed in it's rough shape since my late teens. The last refining I did a few months ago when I was pretty new to the CG felt quite good, but it wasn't good enough. Somehow the backstory I have didn't fit the world. It felt too small.
    So I revisited Vorropohaiah's Korachan which had inspired me in the first place to getting serious about map-making. That worked and I decided to relaunch my world. Maybe I'll use the old worldmap in a different scale and fit it into the new one, but that's not decided yet.

    My original plan for the maps was to keep them relatively simple and informative. Anyone who has seen my latest mapping attemps will agree that I failed in that regard. I seem to be getting bested by an urge for detail. Same thing happened with the map I'm presenting here:

    (Insert map thumbnail... somehow the option's not there... so see post below)

    Edit: okay, so somehow the option for me to upload an attachment is missing. Anyone know why? Is there a global maximum number of attachments that you can have? Do I need to donate frst? Hm. Strange stuff.

    So anyway, once I'll be able to upload it, you will see what I mean.
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