Well, what the heck, I'll enter, since I put in some work on a map.

Here's the deal. I'm a rookie at mapmaking and certainly at challenges. I've posted a bit around the forums, but have zero experience with the kind of map I decided to make this time - a Tolkein-esque symbol-based map. My only previous maps were atlas-style regional maps and old-school TSR style dungeon maps.

I take credit (or blame) for the composition of this map, but very little credit for the artistic quality of the elements on the map. I used free brushes for the map elements (as far as I could tell, no copyright issues posting this) and public domain drawings (for the 2 ships).

I'm sure the rookie-effort shows, but I at least think I had a fun theme, which I hope matches the challenge theme: the Princess Bride. If you're familiar with the book or movie, this will make sense, otherwise, probably not.

I decided to not just make an "inside-the-book cover" map of the Princess Bride world, but rather a "playable" D&D style wilderness map complete with encounter areas. The encounters cover the first hour or so of the movie, when Buttercup is kidnapped by Vezzini and his minions Fezzik (the Giant) and Inigo Montoya (the Spanish swordsman). They are pursued by Westley, first in a ship (1) then up the Cliffs of Insanity (2), then the Princess Buttercup is recaptured by Westley after he successively defeats the Spaniard (3), Giant (4), and Sicilian (5). Buttercup temporarily betrays him at the ravine (6) but then joins him in the trials of the fire swamp (7 a-c) before she is recaptured by Prince Humperdinck and his men (-8-).

This is a WIP if I get some good feedback/suggestions. If it's too amateurish to be saved, I'll take my lumps happily.

### LATEST WIP ###
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