Hello All!

I was told I should post this map here and that some of you may find it interesting. If you have ever played Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage on the Nintendo 64, you'll recognize the name Gwernia. Gwernia is a small coastal town in the game, with a small castle (yet way too big for the town!). In the map below I've reimagined the town and the castle. The town is 4-5 times larger and the castle is easily twice it's original size. I thought it would be cool if a game developer remade the game and used a town layout like my reimagined one, but that's all just fanciful dreaming. In the least maybe it will please this forum.

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This map isn't finished. It\s all ocean to the east and a moat to the west. I've used a combination of drawing by hand and MSPaint to construct this. Paint was simply used for reoccurring geometric shapes such as the circle for the towers and the rectangle for the buildings. I plan on expanding the map westward and southwest. The town will sprawl out to the south west outside of the curtain walls but still in sight of the castle. The castle will also protect a bay to the south where a shipyard there connects with the exterior village. What do you guys think?