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Thread: Hello, I'm new

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    Default Hello, I'm new

    My name is Trick. I have recently decided that I need to layout an official map for a Sci-fantasy novel I'm working on and, though I have had some previous experience in this, my new challenge will require loads of advice. I basically need to layout a map that covers an area nearly the size of the United States. And over 75% of it is a city... A sprawling one, as you can imagine. Rome wasn't built in a day so I expect this to be a long project and for it to require many maps. The first challenge will be a very general urban layout in an isometric view.

    Thanks for having me!

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    Welcome to the Guild Trick! There are lots of great tutorials here (in the Tutorials section) that can help you dive into this project. I'd also recommend creating a WIP page so that others can offer constructive feedback.


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