Hello there all you fabulous people here at the Cartographer's Guild. I DID have a lovely introduction all set up and ready to post (probably long winded) unfortunately it seems as though my computer really hates me right now and deleted everything and then shut down. I then lost that lovely introduction. So ....I will do my best to give a better introduction in the coming days, but for right now I should just say hi before it happens again. I also had some troubles trying to do anything with my profile, so please don't think I am being antisocial. My hand me down computer has some issues that need to be worked out. It was being used by someone who thinks that having Kapersky, Norton, Mcaffee, Spyware terminater of three different kinds is good for your computer and has no idea how to use one in the first place left it quite a mess and I am still trying to fix all the problems.

Apologies everyone, I will try to make a better introduction later,

hopefully I will be able to post my first play map that I made in GIMP last night. The layers, backgrounds and everything were from tutorials, but the map and compass itself if stolen right off the internet. I am not using them for anything, it was just a "Let's see what it would look like with a map" Kind of thing. I would have completely imported one of my maps, but it was already four in the morning and I had to get up at six.

so, yeah I can't seem to upload anything either. Sigh.

Technology, I love it, but it seems to have a personal grudge against me. grumble grumble grumble. Oh well. Nice to meet everyone here and hope to become a permanent installment.