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    Default Newbie!

    Hello everyone!
    I come from Italy, have you ever had an italian here?
    This is the best site in the whole net to find someone able to create fantasy maps!
    I'm not good as you and I heard you also make maps on Commission, well that's what I would ask but we'll have plenty of time to discuss of it someday

    For now: hope I'm welcome

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    Welcome to the guild Atlius,
    I hope you feel quite at home! I am sure we have had a number of Italians at some point or another
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    Works in Progress: Arinthia - region of Skenth

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    Welcome to the Guild Atlius! Yes, we have do have Italian members here (I'm not sure if any are active at the moment or not), and yes we do have a section where you can post a request for a commission (in the "Map Requests" section). Just be sure to see the "Read Me" sticky at the top of the section before posting. Best wishes.


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