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    Hello everyone! I'm Atlius and I come from Italy! Have you ever had an italian here?
    I'm here because I heard you also make maps on commission and I need your help...but for now I hope I'm welcome!

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    Welcome to the Guild Atlius! Do you want to try and learn a little about mapmaking and make a map for yourself or did you just want to commission a map?

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    I tried many many times but I never reached a decent result, I tried Campaign Cartographer and GIMP but I was never able to get what my mind had imagined!
    Now I'm going to try a "social game" on a popular browser game, but I need a map!
    Can I post here what I need?

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    Welcome to the Guild Atlius! We have a classifieds section called "Map Requests" in which you can advertise a commission. Before doing so however you should see the "Read Me" sticky as it will offer advice on how to format the request and what to include in it. Best wishes.


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