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Thread: Hi I'm totally new and I mean totally new!!

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    Default Hi I'm totally new and I mean totally new!!

    Greetings everyone,

    My original name is Daniel Mitchell though I would pleased if you referred to me as xLegionx. I'm really glad I found this website when I was looking everywhere on the internet for a website where expert mapmakers can give me some solid advice on how to get started!

    To be honest I have never done anything like this before (not that I have done my research beforehand mind you). I have attempted to draw a map on an extremely large poster and I in fact drew a big continent that spammed from one end of the poster to another. However, when I looked online at images of other maps is when I realized some of the grim mistakes I made and frankly I grew kind of frustrated with myself. But I really want to see this through; I frankly do this simply because I have nothing else better to do. I'm just one of those guys who likes to sit on the couch drinking coke and playing rpg's all day. But this is where most of my inspiration came from as I played through these games I really enjoyed how vast and well-designed these worlds were and it made me want to create a world of my own with its own laws, its own governments, and well pretty much anything hehe.

    So since I sincerely have 0 skill in the art of cartography I was wanting to ask the experts of geological maps out there what their recommendations are for how I get started. I enjoy making my own fantasy worlds but I want them to make sense and be realistic which means I want deserts to be where I would expect them to be and I want to put mountains where it would make sense to put them at (not that I outlaw the joy of adding the "odd" here and there as this is a fantasy world). I have been tearing my beard out looking for good documentaries and websites that teach really well how the different parts of the landmasses form so I was hoping to look to anyone who might have any recommendations in that regard.

    Also, I have no clue on where I could find a useful map making tool aside from photoshop. I was hoping to look for someone who can easily direct to a very handy mapmaking tool without too much of an expense.

    Thanks so much for your responses and it truly is an honor for me to take the first steps into your community. I hope to one day be the next great "cartographer".


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    Welcome to the forums xLegionx.

    I'd recommend GIMP as an alternative to photoshop, it's approximately as good for almost everything and it's free. There are loads of great GIMP tutorials on here, and most of the photoshop tutorials can be adapted to GIMP once you're used to the software.

    If you read some of the regional mapping tutorials they'll help with placing mountains, rivers etc.

    I don't have any recent world building experience myself as I play using published settings. I do know that if you post an early work in progress of some land masses you'll get all the help you need to make them realistic.
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    Welcome to the Guild xLegionx. I will agree with everything Raiko just said.

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    Welcome! I might suggest you have a look at the tutorials provided here, and if there are things you have questions about, feel free to bring them up on the forums. Learn and experiment. There is a lot of great information and people here are helpful.

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    Welcome to the Guild. It does not matter if you have never even though about making a map or if you have been map making for years, the guild is an outstanding place to learn, share and evolve your skills. In just a few months my skills and understanding of making maps has increased over 20 fold and I have been drafting maps for over 20 years. The best resource on the forums here are the other members of the guild.

    I look forward to seeingy our maps.

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to use gimp for my purposes then.

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