I am currently in the middle of a World Building Project. The world is 1.4 times the size of earth. The mapping challenge alone is daunting at times. Several years ago I would keep important to trivial information about a town, city, region, world, etc. in a txt file or a word processor file. Ok, so this is going back 30 years. I still have some of those files that have been imported over from the Commodore computer to a windows and a unix box. I am a database person and not a spread sheet person per say. However since I do not have the time to create a word building database that work for my needs, I have been using a spreadsheet to keep track of information on the world I am working on. Place names, ruler names, a time line of geological events, world events, etc. I was wondering what if any system, program, note book, etc that the rest of the members use to keep track of world data. I am also always looking for a better solution. This is why I have gone from txt files to a spreadsheet.