As the title says, I am Chalky. I am a Canadian student and over the past year I have been getting really interested in writing. I usually don't read fantasy (I haven't read LotR), but I am a big fan of A Song Ice and Fire, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored and the TV show Vikings. When I was younger I tried my hand at cartography, but I never got really into it. For my first project, I want to create a map similar to Gears of War's Sera (Locust tunnels in particular), TES' Tamriel and ASoIaF's Westeros. The story idea I've had mulling in my head was originally inspired by the band Rise Against's song Midnight Hands and I have a fascination with Viking/Celtic/Germanic tribe culture, as well as steampunk themes. I have no interest in dungeons and I would like some tips on underground world building as well as world building in general. I'm not looking to create an extremely detailed map, just a nice looking one. I am really happy I found this site and I hope it prospers. Thanks