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Thread: KartoKilt, lurking no more.

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    Info KartoKilt, lurking no more.

    I've been a member for just over a year, and probably lurking much longer, but have owned CC3 since 2007. My sons are now teens, and I have taught them to cook and do laundry, so I have some time to pursue other hobbies....

    Which includes making maps for our D&D 4ed campaign. I'm running the same campaign for 2 groups now, my teen sons and their friends, and also for my adult friends who played in HS or college, who finally have time to play, because the children can cook, etc... I'm running a home brew campaign, I have mapped a continent and appropriated localities, and still lack the time to build the population centers.

    So I wish to thank the Academy of Cartographers, especially
    1) the city and town mappers for all of the wonderful maps I have borrowed, that have entertained myself and a dozen others,
    2) all the mappers, particularly the continent and regional mappers who have supplied me with inspiration to improve my own maps,
    3) the CC3 content developers and tutorial makers who keep providing more cool mapping resources and the knowledge to use them,
    4) The clever lads at Profantasy who keep improving their great product, which keeps me coming back for more toys.
    5) My father (1941-2013) who introduced me to model building, war-gaming and was my first and best DM, right out of the blue box, even though his only interest in FRPGs was father-son time.

    Started Roleplaying the Blue box circa 1978.
    Play = Dungeons & Dragons, Traveler, Squad Leader, Munchkin, Junta, Sid Meyers' Civ II & III
    Tartan = Black Stewart, Black Watch, Royal Stewart (don't have enough g.p. for a wool Lamont)
    "I don't play the bag pipes, I like people."

    Level 12 Parent (if I had girls I probably still be level 4)
    Level 11 Bank employee, by accident and necessity. (resurrected, lost a few levels)
    Level 10 Husband (resurrected, lost a few levels) and Step Parent
    Level 6 GM/DM, Tourist and Cook
    Level 3 Humorist, DIY Handyman and Writer
    Level 2 Genealogist, Artist, Map Maker, Model Maker and Figure Painter

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    Welcome to the guild. I'm sure with a bit of practice you can level as an artist in no time. Sounds like you'll want the jack of all trades perk with all of your interests!

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