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Thread: Space Station 13 - NSS Exodus

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    Wip Space Station 13 - NSS Exodus

    Hello there! I've just joined this forum after looking at some of your best maps.
    Now, while those people have skill, I'm still merely a beginner, so I went for something less artsy and more practical. I'm not really sure it fits on this forum, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    Here is an overview map of the NSS Exodus, a map used in the game Space Station 13, on the Baystation 12 branch. The map is heavily WIP, and at the moment, a bit outdated, since the whole engineering sector has changed. This map is meant to help new users get a good feel of where everything is.

    Here it is: (warning: 66megapixels in size)

    Now I realize it's not too great, but I'd still appreciate some feedback. If you wish, you could also have a shot at mapping the station, since I think it's a great thing to map.
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