I have a part time job making site maps for big events. I'm looking for something that might allow me to easily make maps that looks like the screenshot attached.Attachment 62109 I'm not so concerned over the icons or look (I have my own along my own custom made PS icons) but I need to find a way to easily pull simplified maps that I can size correctly depending on the location. I've been using bad screenshots of google maps or bing maps which just isn't cutting it. Any recommendations on software?

Sort of related; Does anyone know of software that can automatically create "stick map directions" or "Back of napkin" maps? I have no idea what the technical term is for this type, but conceptually, a directions map that has everything stripped except for the exact roads that are being driven on. Typically they are resized and compressed and not to scale. I'm having trouble finding an example but MSN maps actually had an option to create (poorly) back in the day.