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Thread: Tell me what this Battlemap is.

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    Wip Tell me what this Battlemap is.

    So I put together this map, and I know what it's supposed to represent.. I'm interested in your thoughts about what you think it is.

    Hopefully, they'll match

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Does it come from a game ?

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    Uh... an ice tree?

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    looks like a spiral ramp to me

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    Yeah, a spiral ramp going down inside of an icy cavern is what I see.

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    Ok... Great. well it's supposed to look like it's going _up_.. But spiral ramp is right.

    Anyone got any suggestions on how to make it look like it's going into the ceiling

    Quote Originally Posted by Azelor View Post
    Does it come from a game ?
    Yes it is. I made it for a D&D game I'm running.
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    Progressively longer shadows on the backside of the spiral would make it look like its going higher above the floor.

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    What do you think of this revision?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FortressBase2.png 
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    Consider doing it with slight perspective asymmetry; at least, just the spiral. It may be too difficult to render in full top-down perspective. Otherwise, I would suggest going from darker near the bottom to lighter near the top (darkness infers depth, I think).

    It may help the definition of your spiral to blur the line (which is really clear at present) between the bottom of the spiral and the floor of the cave--I imagine the surface is the same, but at the moment the spiral seems to be floating on top of the floor instead of growing out of it. Does that make sense?

    The textures you used are well chosen.

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    Ah! Your revision makes more sense to me. However, may I suggest blurring/concealing/removing the border between the floor of the spiral and the outer floor? Unless of course there is no such place, or it's underneath the parts that are already show.

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