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Thread: TERRAFORMER add on for F.T.Pro -Released!

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    Post TERRAFORMER add on for F.T.Pro -Released!

    I have finished work on an add on that I call TERRAFORMER for Fractal Terrains Pro. currently - you may download it from this address:

    Download hosted by Cartogaphers' Guild

    This is the ALPHA version of this add on - future versions should be BIGGER!
    I need more people to download and host this file - it's about 58MB in size.
    I tried to upload it on the profantasy site but I don't know if it took because the upload bar appeared to get stuck.

    ANYWAY - kit contains over 125 Image Climates, 7 .lgt Lighting and Color files - and a BUNCH of cloud maps. would love a critique to. Includes a .pdf user's manual as well.

    P.S. - check the package contents list on the .pdf user's manual and let me know if everything came through / if all package contents are present and accounted for...

    Thanks - B.R.
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    I just looked over the PDF file and this promise to be a revolution for FT PRO. You did an amazing job with this and i thank you.

    I will host your file on my site asap with all the credits due of course.

    Very nice job.

    The truth detective

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    Post Thank You Pat!!!!

    Pat - I'm still working on improving this - and the more people that get it - the more I'm motivated.
    Thank you buddy!
    I hope that you enjoy the package - P.S. - In other future versions I would LOVE to feature other user maps made with my kit in updated user's guides and accessory booklets?

    Thank You!!!!!!

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    Oh I can't wait to try this....shifting this thread to the News column!

    Arcana, is there any chance we can host it here at all? (Assuming it doesn't mess up everyone's FT due to a weird bug, lol!)

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    Don't forget to announce this one over at the ProFantasy forum and/or mailing list as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldronate View Post
    Don't forget to announce this one over at the ProFantasy forum and/or mailing list as well.
    LOL He already announced on the mailing list. I told him to make sure to announce it here. Poor guy is being sent all over the internet.

    Oh, and almost forgot, Welcome to the Guild PlanetDesigner! Feel free to look around and stay awhile. We have several CC users as well as FT users. In fact, there is a whole world project that started with a FT planet. You may want to check it out.
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    Post Thank you!

    Thank you Mr. Miller for your kind welcome - and thank you all for giving my work such a great reception!

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    Download now hosted locally.
    All Hail FlappyMap! Long Live MapFeed!

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    I've downloaded it and had a play, and it is wonderful! Thank you so much for making this, Bill!

    One small observation: I get a bright turquoise tracery around the coastlines if I use anything but the T_01 lighting file - presumably this indicates very shallow water, (it's the colour assigned to sea level in the altitude menu). It's easy enough to change to suit but it does appear very bright compared to the sea colour. Was this intentional?

    Thanks a million for some lovely altitude colours, shaders and the cloud overlays!
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    Post Yes

    Yes Ravells - it was intentional. The bright "tourqoise" color is an RGB value sampled from shallow coastal areas of actual Earth images. It is a "true to life" color (for the image that it was sampled from anyway).
    Actually depending on your map elevations, and the type of fractalization (ridged multifractural, brownian, etc.), you should get varieing types of blending. There are several shades of blue (indigo) in each .lgt file - indicating differences iin elevation (sea level). All of my shaders are based completely upon - or contain a majority of - actual Earth image textures / RGB values.
    And you are very very welcome my new friend.
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