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Thread: Five Island Continents, for DnD Group

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    Wip Five Island Continents, for DnD Group

    Oh wow, i have never seen this kind of a place before. I have never been terrible at making maps myself, but im terrible with two dimensions. Anyway.

    I have a request, maybe for multiple people or one, depending on what you/they will charge. I'm going to upload the sketches of my islandcontinents and i would like you to detail them. There will be five. I'll update this post with their images and post a blurb about them when i have time.

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    It would be great if you also post a form of contact (email for instance), counting that you cannot receive PM until you have 5 post or more.

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    Welcome to the Guild Tachycardia.
    You should read the thread that describes the kind of info most people like to see before committing to a mapping commission.
    This link will take you to that info:

    There is a 5 post minimum before you can start sending or receiving Private Mail, but just go post nice comments on 4 peoples maps and you will be all set in no time.

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