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    Post *** August challenge - Battlemap Tiles on the go ***

    OH NO! It’s Friday night, and your friends want to have a quick pick up game of D&D (or some other similar game), but you have nothing planned! Hey, you have a book of monsters, and some challenges, but nothing mapped out for the session. Thank goodness for that small collection of ‘Dungeon Room Tiles’ you have sitting on the shelf. A few of those placed on the table and your good to go!
    In June of 2008, Dungeons and Dragons was released in its 4th edition incarnation, and the game is more geared towards using miniatures than previous editions. To celebrate the resurgence in using miniatures and gaming, this month’s challenge is to design a set of ‘Dungeon Room Tiles’ to form random dungeons when placed down. Create four to eight tiles that can be printed out to use for gaming while using miniatures.

    The map tiles must represent portions of corridors, rooms, caves, buildings, etc, and should contain exits off at least two sides of the tile.

    * This should be a ready to use map with all the objects and tokens already in place.
    * Tiles must be no larger than 8 one-inch squares by 10 one-inch squares (8.5x11 letter sheets or A4 paper) for printing purposes, and must have a grid to represent spacing/etc.
    * Those that wish to, can provide the maps sans objects and tokens once they have finished, but this is not a requirement of the challenge but would be appreciated by those of us that use VTs.
    * Extra consideration will be considered for those who provide an example dungeon using the tiles. Full writeup not necessary beyond notes of traps, monsters and treasures keys.

    ***NOTE*** you are not limited to eight tiles. The size must be no larger than 8"x10" with a 1-inch grid. The concept here is to make small random dungeons for gaming purposes.
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