Hi everyone. This is Paul here writing from the north coast of the great state of Ohio. Just getting back into D&D with the 3.5 version after about a many year break -- The World of Greyhawk was our standard map "back in the day," for those of you who can date the reference.

Maps have always been one of those things I took for granted -- I know that somewhere, someone must have created it, but never gave much thought into the nuances of the art. Until recently, when I tried to draw a map of a simple island. I would post it for comedic relief, but let's just say it wasn't something a kindergartner would be especially proud of.

I came upon this site while looking for mapmaking tutorials. One look at the WIP's of Selvarin and Skenth has blown the doors off my imagination, and I immediately became a member.

My graphics experience is limited to MacPaint (if you remember that), and recently I have used Inkscape to make simple labels for my home-brewed beers and meads. I have downloaded Gimp and looked at Photoshop (though I can't find a price for it on the website, strangely enough). I have already contacted one of you regarding using some of the work posted here, and I'm sure more of you will be hearing from me!

I'm hoping that I will use this great site as a resource for learning how to make simple maps, as well as finding some finished maps. My guys are into planar travel so the number of maps is unlimited!