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Thread: Geneva: Europe's Wars of Religion

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    Wip Geneva: Europe's Wars of Religion

    Geneva: Europe's Wars of Religion

    The year is 1517; Martin Luther, a Catholic professor of Theology at Wittenberg College, nails his list of 95 theses to the door of the All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Saxony. The list, among his other writings, would ultimately cause the college professor to be excommunicated by the Pope and condemned as one of the greatest heretics to ever ascend from the depths of hell. The Lutheran Church would eventually spread throughout most of modern Germany, central Europe, and the Nordic countries.

    The year is 1522; Ulrich Zwingli, a Catholic pastor receiving a pension for preaching at the Grossmünster church in Zurich, Switzerland, engages in his first public controversy for openly pushing for reforms in the Catholic church. Zwingli also condemned the purchase of his renowned Swiss kinsmen as mercenaries in war. Zwingli would die in combat, but his legacy would last as laying the foundation for reform in Switzerland. The Reformed Church would eventually spread from Switzerland, into France, the Netherlands, and even up to Scotland.

    The year is 1534; Henry VIII, King of England, disagreeing with the Pope over the legitimacy of his divorce to Catherine of Aragon, separates England from the Catholic church and declares himself head of the Church of England. The Nobility of England would engage in fierce feuds regarding which religious faction England would be loyal to, Protestantism or Catholicism.

    The 16th century, a century of fierce religious conflict. Catholic armies vs. Protestant. Family against family. Nation against nation. Nations against themselves. This was the time period of the Protestant Reformation. This was the time period of Europe's religious civil wars. Take control of one of three of the Protestant churches; Lutheran, Reformed, and Anglican. Spread the influence of protestantism throughout all of Europe, and raise armies to defend the church against Papal forces.

    Hi guys,

    I've figured I'd let everyone follow along with my board game project. I posted in the Regional/World Mapping section of the forum (without as much detail), but I feel this is the best place for this thread, so I will be updating here (only here). In these first two posts will be two photos. The first will be one that I will change with each formal update. This will make finding the most recent work as simple as looking at the first page of the thread. The second photo will be the look of the map I currently have (today, March 9th, 2014). I'm not that skilled of a map maker, so I can't promise anything amazing, but I would love for you to follow this work and give me your feedback.

    Thanks for following!

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