Hello everybody!

I'm a Gamemaster and I'm about to make a fantasy campaign (after a long time playing scifi and modern )
As I'm not the best artist I do not want to draw maps by hand and decided to use a Map Tool to build my maps.

Now I searched the Interwebs for some tools and there are plenty of them. So I have no idea which one to use.
I've downloaded MapTool but I have no idea where to get images since this program does not contain them on itself.

Maybe you could recommend me some?

Here are my "requirements":

1. As I said I'm not good at drawing, so the tool should be simple to learn and use.
2. Ideally the tool consists of a large image library or there is a simple possibility to get the images for mapmaking. I do not want to search each image individually and add it to the program.
3. Something like "Fog of War" would be very nice, so that my players could explore the dungeon step by step. But this is not necessary.
4. I'm a Mac user. So ideally the program runs on my Mac. But I also have a Windows machine, so if there is a tool which is perfect besides the Mac compatibility thats no problem at all.

I hope you can help me :-)

best regards