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Thread: Map for a Fantasy novel.

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    Map Map for a Fantasy novel.


    This post had already been published and taken by one of you. Due to serious health problems the guy couldn't bring on the work so here I am again. This was the original post:

    Hi everybody. I am an Italian writer and I am writing the fifth novel of a Fantasy Saga in the world of Nocturnia. I am a self publisher and you can have a look to my web site Stefano Lanciotti - Home Page.
    In the first 4 novels I have edited the maps myself with "Campaign Cartographer" but I am no artist and I feel that from now on I have to insert a professionally created map of the world.


    This is the map that I have used for the world, but it is partial, meaning that in this novel the story will uncover a larger part of the world. So this won't be the whole map, but only the center of the new map. The requested map will show a whole continent with a sea and a part of another continent on the other side. Only one of the two continents will be detailed.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Nocturnia 2012.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0430.jpg 
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    It should look like an ancient map, with a nice parchment. I really like this, but suggestion are welcome (if you suggest something different, please always attach or link a similar map).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	aronbor_revisited_by_ramah_palmer-d3b2g56.jpg 
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    [Quality & size]

    It must be a nice map. Something that people like the look at on and on. For the size I really do not know, maybe A4. As far as I am concerned it must fit in a page of an ebook, but again I am no expert.

    [Time constraints]

    I am reviewing the novel and it will be published next summer.


    -I have to have the right to use the map as I prefer. The novel is foreseen as an ebook but later I could decide to print it or whatever.


    Please include in the reply quotation and how/when to pay.

    Contact ONLY:
    Stefano Lanciotti
    stefano [at]
    use as subject "Application for Mapping" for the mail.

    when you first contact me please put in some of your previous works, or link to a gallery of your works. Please also add a quotation and an extimate of the time needed to finish the job.
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    I only received two replies for this application. I would like to receive more in order to better evaluate the styles.

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    Taken. Thanks to averybody for replying

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