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Thread: Looking for 3-4 fantasy maps for an RPG module.

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    Help Looking for 3-4 fantasy maps for an RPG module.

    Hi there!

    I've got a D&D-style fantasy module that needs a few maps. I'm looking for B&W/Grayscale and probably 1/2 page in size (≈4" x 7"). I'd like something stylized, but readable for gameplay. The maps would consist of:

    1) An overland map showing the lands between a small town and a valley (the location of the adventure)

    2) A more detailed map of the vally where the monster makes its lair. It would include terrain –including some noteworthy geographic features (e.g. a small waterfall and a vineyard)– as well as a few structures.

    3) The cave ("dungeon") where the monster lives. A few chambers connected by tunnels.

    4) A blasted landscape representing a demiplane of hell. Dead trees with a few keyed areas placed within the "woods."

    We (Faster Monkey Games) are happy to pay for artists' work, but we would need them within a few weeks. We are also a small indie shop, so our budget is not unlimited.

    If anyone is interested, reply here or email me or PM me here. You can reach me via admin AT fastermonkeygames DOT com

    Thanks much!
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    Thanks to all that emailed me! I've found someone for the maps. I will definitely keep all the contact info I received from everyone, as there is a lot of talent out there for other projects as well.

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