Im a PhD student at Charles Darwin University looking for someone to create a map based on another map for inclusion in my PhD thesis, on the causes and course of the Brunei Rebellion of 1962. The map I require would depict how the Brunei Empire shrank between 1841 and 1905 and I envision it to be a series of maps of Brunei as it decreased into what it is today. The original map is one map of Malaysian Borneo and Brunei, as they are now known, with sections patterned to indicate when they broke away from Brunei. Its really confusing and busy, which is why Id like a new map.

I will provide a scanned copy of the map this new map will be based on

I really couldnt say what sort of style I want. If you wanted to make it a simple line drawing, like the original map, I would accept that, as long as it looked nicer than the original (its rather confusing and unattractive, which is why Id like a different map). If, on the other hand, you wanted a more ornate style, Id accept that as well.
Black and white would be better for me, to ease the printing process

Quality & Size
Professional, as it will be printed in the final copies of my PhD thesis/dissertation
No bigger than an A4 page
Otherwise, Im flexible

Time Constraints

Id prefer to have it ready for inclusion in my thesis at the end of April, which is when the writing is currently scheduled to be finished. I might be able to extend the date for up to a month beyond that, depending on whether the writing takes longer than I expect and on how much other stuff needs to be done before I can contemplate printing.


The artist will retain copyright of the map, I only need reproduction rights.

There is a remote possibility that the thesis will one day become a book, in which case the artist will be begged for permission to use the map again and we will negotiate a legal agreement regarding copyright. I really dont expect this happen, but you never know.


Obviously, Id prefer it if someone made this map for me for free, but Im willing to pay for it if necessary.

Contact Details

Im not yet able to receive Private Messages, so my email address is Kathleen --dot-- Harry --at-- students --dot-- cdu --dot-- edu --dot-- au