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  • Ordinary-Princess by Domino44

    1 3.85%
  • Unnamed Map by TheHoarseWhisperer

    18 69.23%
  • Storymapping a Fairytale by Madcowchef

    18 69.23%
  • East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Xeonicus

    1 3.85%
  • The 12 Dancing Princesses by wdmartin

    1 3.85%
  • Legend of MULAN the warrior by Dragowlin

    10 38.46%
  • Chateau Carabas by Scoopz

    0 0%
  • Hansel & Gretel by The_Buce

    7 26.92%
  • The Capture and Recapture of the Princess Bride by SJS

    1 3.85%
  • The Little Mermaid by Jalyha

    0 0%
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Thread: Voting for Febuary / March Lite challenge - - MAP A FAIRYTALE

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    Default Voting for Febuary / March Lite challenge - - MAP A FAIRYTALE

    OK my fellow Guildmembers, it is time to vote on your favorite entries. We have many fine maps in this month's challenge, so vote wisely.

    To see all the maps click this link to go to the Challenge Thumbnails

    As we have been doing for the past year or so, you may vote for as many as you wish. Vote for just one, three, all, your choice. Keep in mind that the more votes you cast, the less weight each vote carries.

    For those of you who may be new, there is no rule that says you cannot vote for yourself, but many people feel that you should not. It is your choice, depending on how you feel about it.

    Don't forget, regardless of who you vote for, you should REP all those you feel are worthy!

    Voting will end in 4 days on Tuesday night about midnight. The winner will receive a shiny silver compass and great accolades. ( And I think I heard Diamond mention something about cookies, but I cannot confirm that. )

    Good Luck!
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    I had to vote for Storymapping a fairytail - it seemed one of the more complete ones along with THW's and a few others, and its landshape reminded me of one of my first ever projects.
    My second vote would of had to go "Unnamed map" By TheHoarseWhisperer, if it wasn't for the similar landshape of Storymapping a fairy tail, I would of voted for this one.

    Sadly, I can't rep THW as of yet, due to me already repping him

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    My vote here has to go to THW's unnamed map. I liked his and madcowchef's best, but in the end I thought that those two would probably get the most votes anyway so I wanted to vote for only one of them.
    I decided to give my vote to THW because his map looks more organized to me. While it has a myriad of little beautiful details it is not overloaded with them and it is still easy to follow the grey cat around. Madcowchef's map -while absolutely amazing with all those little icons and infos and the beautiful style- is too rich in detail for me. I keep losing the story paths and even had trouble finding the stories' beginnings, so all in all it is just a little too much for me personally.
    But honestly, that was the only criteria I could find. Other than that both maps are very beautiful, I love the styles and the fact that more than one story is told and the icons and everything Very hard decision and congrats to you both for creating such beautiful maps.

    Congratulations of course also to everyone else who entered! the few challenges I have seen since I joined the guild were very impressive and I am always surprised by what you people can create in such a short time.
    And that's with great detail like "A COMPASS tells you which direction is north!"

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    I try not spread too many votes around in these things, but this time I had to vote for three:

    1. THW - a very trope-tastic entry, the art is fabulous, and the layout works for me. Like Lyrillies said, it's a bit busy, but I didn't find it overwhelmingly so.
    2. madcowchef - my personal favorite. I love how everything interlinks and flows so well, and the art of course is great on this one as well.
    3. Dragowlin - although there's not really much there to tell one what's going on, so the map would have little context outside of our Challenge here, I just loved the look of it.

    Congrats to all that entered and good luck!

    edit: I couldn't rep some of you thanks to earlier efforts. Sorry!
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    Same vote and reasoning as Lyrillies for me!

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    First, congratulations to all those who participated. I think that this challenge's subject is a really difficult one, maybe a main competition one, so this month, in my opinion, the silver compass has some golden streaks.

    I was uncertain whether to cast a single vote, to give more weight to the choice; in the end, I could not resist and I gave three (shame on me): Madcowchef , TheHoarseWhisperer and The_Buce they all just deserved a vote, in my opinion.

    My favorite map of this contest is Madcowchef ‘s Storytelling a Fairy Tale; beyond the safe artistic quality, I was surprised by the inexhaustible imagination in the iconical representation of most tropes of fairy tales. And I won't easily forget the bad idea evil eye (who alone could get my vote and simpathy).

    The final touches of TheHoarseWhisperer’s map have convinced me to give this map a vote. It was an already really good job without the final refinements; with the medallions, the new texts and maybe the parchment, it’s now an amazing mix of illustration and texts, I couldn’t avoid to vote.

    Hansel& Gretel by The_Buce: I like the map as a whole, an incredible all hand drawn work. The border is just wonderful, and reminds me of the painstaking work of the Carthusian monks. I’m amazed, congrats.

    The other finished works are all interesting, in a way or another, so I repped everyone I could.

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    My votes when to:

    1. The hoarsewhisperer as previously it was a beautiful map and with the additions of the last few elements its a really beautiful fairytale map of clear quality.

    2. The Buce for a really amazing map that had an amazing amount of attention and fine touches that you really have to study to appreciate. His border alone makes it an astounding piece, and unlike myself and the Hoarswhisperer he kept completely on target as far as the stated goal of the challenge.

    Of the other entries there were several of notable quality that really deserve some serious recognition:

    Xeonicus took a very hard perspective and executed it wonderfully and managed to make not just an illustration but a map of it. It was quite ambitious and I'd say they succeeded well.

    Dragowlin's hand drawn map has a wonderfully unique feel and natural flow that make me hope they continue to enter challenges and put up maps for me to gawk at for a long time to come.

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    CONGRATULATIONS to Madcowchef and TheHoarseWhisperer ! Another Tie for First ! No arguments here, both excellent maps.

    Silver compasses will be awarded as soon as I can figure out how to do that.

    Don't forget to REP everyone you feel is worthy of it before I close this thread tomorrow.

    I will try to get the next challenge started tomorrow.

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    Congrats to both of you!

    Great Maps, indeed!
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    I was waiting for the voting to finish before making my comments on this month's challenge.

    First, thanks Bogie for running the challenge, and thanks to everyone who voted for me, or posted complimentary comments.

    Second, congratulations madcowchef for your well-earned win.

    My vote this month went to Madcowchef. The level of detail and vibrancy of his/her map impressed me the most. I also really liked the originality of the concept.

    I try to never vote more than once in each challenge, but if I had voted a second time, it would have been for Dragowlin's map. I really liked the arty/sketchy appearance of it.

    Last, I think it is a real pity that Seredemia was unable to finish her map--it looked really promising. I hope whatever difficulties she is having are sorted out soon.

    Now I want my shiny silver compass. It will be my preciousssss.

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