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    Default Acaratus world map

    Hi here!
    Name is Martin and im the Creative director at Nodbrim Interactive, we are hard at work on our latest turnbased tactical rpg called Acaratus


    here is the map we have at the moment that i have made. as you can see its a bit unclear and muddy, would need more information on places and the topography.

    Acaratus is set in a medieval steampunk world so the map should reflect that with castles, ports, roads, rivers and so on.


    a map in the style of this one, though maybe a bit darker. But the initial graphical style is what would fit
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	46967d1343382105-diversified-fantasy-map-smallerversion.jpg 
Views:	1486 
Size:	1.47 MB 
ID:	62365

    Quality & Size

    Professional quality is needed
    should work for web but would be great if its working for print.
    dimensions should be greater than 4096 pixels
    bitmap image on a Tiff or psd would be the best

    Time limits

    We have a trailer and prototype coming up where we will pitch to companies such as microsoft and perfect world in the middle of May so we would need that asap (latest late april)

    As i said before we are a small team and have no budget as of this time (during writing) and would be happy to pay a smaller symbolic fee and to keep you for future additional commissions when we find an investor/publishing deal, because we only need the main continent for now but expansions in the future will maybe be needed.

    we would also need the copyrights to be able to use the map in the game and in trailers. Though we would be happy to add you in the credits and credit you in all other ways through social media.

    Contact Details

    You can get in touch with me at
    (remove the -- and convert "at" to @)

    Please send me some kind of portfolio of your previous work and your estimated fee for this. I will get back to you if i have questions or wanna collaborate =)

    thank you!

    for more info about Acaratus can be found on our blog at Acaratus Windows game - Indie DB
    and our own site at Acaratus
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    its taken =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by emptyslot View Post
    its taken =)
    you can now check out the map in our trailer! =)

    thanks to Josephe Vandel for a great map!

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